14 Early Signs Of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

Girls are very often afraid that they become pregnant and try to identify it from different signs & symptoms. However, what are the early signs of pregnancy & symptoms you can use to determine that you are pregnant? For example – the absence of menstruation, the delay of menstruation for a few days or even weeks. Quite often there is a strange nausea in the mornings and heaviness in the mammary glands, and against the background of all this – increased sensitivity to external stimuli and even smells. Animal hunger may appear and you start eating even in the middle of the night, because you woke up because of strong urge to urinate. All this causes discomfort, walking with friends is impossible, and work and study are terribly exhausting and cause intense irritation.

Of course, these are all early signs of pregnancy, but they may not be as pronounced as described above. The state of health may remain normal, but the delay in menstruation will still be present. We will consider the most common methods of pregnancy testing, but no independent attempts will guarantee you the result. For your own comfort, you can try, but again – the conclusion is made by the doctor, this is his job and only he can give you an answer to this question.

14 Early signs of pregnancy

1. Strange secretion

Very often implantation bleeding occurs, which leaves a yellow or brown trace on the panties and causes women to believe in premature menstruation. All this is due to the fact that the embryo is located in the womb, and within a week or two spontaneous bleeding may occur. However, such a process does not always cause bleeding, but it is worthwhile to be cautious when it does.

2. Increase in Basal temperature

Implantation sinking is one of the early signs of pregnancy, you need to monitor the basal temperature. There is an inconspicuous decrease in temperature for a day. In addition, here there are only two reasons for this, namely, in the second phase, the hormone progesterone is released with difficulties, and it is it which is responsible for the temperature increase. Moreover, if you become pregnant, its production increases and resumes, and for this reason temperature jumps and you may feel the deterioration of the overall condition. The second reason is an increase in estrogens, which have the property of lowering the temperature. The standard sign of pregnancy is a stable basal temperature of 38 degrees and above.

Learn how to measure Basal Temperature Correctly.

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