Goals like dots on the map; you reach one out and move on further

Goals are like dots on the map; you reach one out and move on further

Making a decision on what you want to do with your life is one of the main conditions of getting a success. What is interesting, it is important not to set goals only but also to think often about being able to achieve them and that you will achieve them.

Do not think of the obstacles on your way through to a goal and to imagine darkness. Focus on every goal achieved to improve your life fundamentally. The more you think your goals to change your life for good, the stronger your desire to make it happen will be. Natural appetites for particular acts will arise within you.

If a goal inspires you, you will move on its way whatsoever. It does not matter how much time you have, you like the moving forward and the feeling of satisfaction. This condition makes you active, so the level of your productivity will grow.

Having difficulties with choosing a goal, use the following classification of goals: personal, family, financial, sports, spiritual, creative, travels, adventures and others such as to make your parents go abroad, to meet in person a celebrity you admire, to live your each day as if it was your last day, organize a positive flash mob in the center of the city you live in, to get another higher education, to forgive everyone, meet new people every week, to spend a month without Internet, to obtain cosmic consciousness, to find a mentor, to change life of someone else for better, to see Northern morning, to plant a tree, to vault to the top of a mountain, to overcome your main fear, to develop some new useful habits, ride a roller coaster, to take part in a masquerade in a different country, to become a mentor for somebody.

Coming across different aims and goals, plenty turn out to be wrong like “I want to learn a foreign language every day” or “I want to go in for sports regularly”. People on an annoyingly regular basis set up this kind of goals, go on training, pay money for it and torment themselves in every way. Live within a framework and then get disappointed. Because they learnt, a foreign language but life did not become better. Ask such people point-blank, the answers will be rather blurred, which would be the evidence of them to have no clue what they were doing it for. They do though because it is a “development”, because it is “right”, “useful”, and “offer challenges”.

There is every likelihood that we will see the following:

  • Done because it is required;
  • Done because someone said it to be right;
  • Create the appearance of doing something;
  • Done so there was no need to do something else what would really move on the way to a goal.

There is nothing wrong with learning a foreign language but usually, this kind of goals are set up by people who do not want to do that at all. It is paradox. A person set up a goal and does what s/he does not want to do. Why? To play WOW every day is not a goal but to spend fewer hours playing sounds more realistic. There are people who enjoy learning a foreign language. They are motivated. Their goal will be sounding like not to form a habit but to find more time for learning.

A process cannot be a goal. A goal is a dot on a map. I drew it and move towards it. I reached it. That is it. The goal is achieved. I go find another. Here is a small example. Seeing how well my mother knits, I wanted to learn how to knit just as well. It looked so confusing so I stopped. I thought I would never be able to knit even a scarf. As the years went by and I tried again. I had nothing to do. I had loads of free time so I bought all the necessary stuff, watched a few videos on YouTube and voila! I managed to knit scarfs for my mother and friends.

Be careful what you wish for. Inspect them attentively. Be sure they are yours, why you need them, whether they are reachable and whether they are goals after all.    

About the author: Melisa Marzett currently working for Star Writer is crazy about writing, which is probably why what she writes sounds so amazing. Look for more following her profile on Google+.

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