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antibiotics in childhood

New Research Links Antibiotics in Childhood to an Increased Risk of Mental Illness

Hospitalization for an infection might leave you at greater risk for mental illness, according to a recent study published in


How A Man’s Blood Turned So Thick And White, It Almost Killed Him

A man in Germany had so much fats in his blood that it looked pale and became very thick. Scientists

twins with semi-identical dna

These Twins Have Strange Semi-Identical DNA

A brother and sister born in Australia in 2014 have joined an exclusive club of siblings who share an extremely

How to determine pregnancy

How to accurately determine pregnancy

The ancient methods of determining pregnancy have long been irrelevant, over the years experts have begun to more subtly study

14 Early Signs Of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

Girls are very often afraid that they become pregnant and try to identify it from different signs & symptoms. However,

Don’t Have Time to Exercise? Here’s a Simple Trick Anyone Can Squeeze In

Have you recently carried heavy shopping bags up a few flights of stairs? Or run the last 100 metres (330

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