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pros and cons of professional sport

Pros and Cons of Professional Sport and Major Traumas and Injuries of Professionals

There are plenty of differences between professional sport and amateur one. First of all, all the sports achievements and victories

natural remedies for headache

Home Remedies For Headaches – Natural Ways To Treat Headaches

A headache can occur suddenly and thousands of reasons can cause it; from nerve shocks to hypothermia, from overwork, stress,

american fda creation

How and why was Food and Drug Administration created in the USA?

Among numerous American agencies with three-letter names since the cold war days, the most well known are, of course, Central

Opiod Relted Birth Defect Reported In the United States

A Horrible Birth Defect Linked To Opioid Use Is on The Rise in The US

The use of opioids throughout pregnancy has become a problem in recent years, and researchers are currently researching whether or

Vaccine Hesitancy

The Fear of Vaccines Is Officially One of The Most Dire Global Health Threats in 2019

This year, we face a bold new problem, as one of the biggest threats to humankind could be humanity itself.

Cancer Death Rate At 25 Year Low

Cancer Death Rates At A 25-Year Low

Today we have reached a milestone in the fight against cancer: According to a new report, U.S. cancer death rates

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