Pros and Cons of Professional Sport and Major Traumas and Injuries of Professionals

There are plenty of differences between professional sport and amateur one. First of all, all the sports achievements and victories are paid.  The award is sometimes very generous. However, if you or your child wants to be a professional sportsman you need to consider all the pros and cons of such a life. This essay outlines the pros and cons of professional sport with a slightly more detailed focus on the cons of professional sport and its consequences.

Is professional sport is a threat to your health?

On one hand, the sport is always beneficial for our health. It is better than working at the office doing something common being immobile. On the other hand, this is the loads for our body which are not common and thus it experiences serious damage. Almost every kind of sport being professional is harmful to our body, for example, it might jump, running, powerlifting, football etc. There is no need to try to single out a specific kind of sport that does more or less damage since in general all kinds of sport do.

Exhausting training

If you really want to be a professional sportsman you need to dedicate to it all the time and efforts. If you ask a professional sportsman about the secret of his or her success, the answer will be: “you need to train as much as possible. Only hardworking is the key to success.” Sometimes it is even more than human capabilities but still one has to go beyond his or her abilities. Our body does not have enough time to recover and thus, our joints, bones, and muscles quickly weak out. That’s why all the professional sportsmen retire very soon.

Lack of sleep, a stressful lifestyle

Two weeks before the serious competition, sportsmen dedicate all their free time to prepare. Did you know how many calories average athlete requires daily? This amount is approximately 5000 calories every day. Sometimes, due to the constant flights or training, they do not have enough time to eat well and it results in serious wear of the body.


If you are engaged in professional sport, serious injuries are inevitable. However, there are sports that are more traumatically risky and less traumatically risky. For example, athletics, football, bodybuilding, skiing, skating etc. are dangerous ones let along enormous loads. This type of trauma is called professional injury since it is common for all the sportsmen in a certain field. Thus, in addition to the time, the health is also a sacrifice sportsman should make to become really good.

Steroids and other drugs

Officially, it is forbidden for the sportsmen to use steroids or other boosters. However, this is normal for professional sportsmen to use such kind of drugs, for example, steroids, hormones, diuretics, stimulators since it grants a significant advantage over other competitors providing a sportsman with boosted strength and durability. Various anti-doping agencies mercilessly try to wage a war against all the kinds of boosters and carefully test every sportsman after every achievement. Despite such control, there were plenty of public inquiries concerning the sportsmen that were accused of using such boosters. In 2005, such inquiries led to the dismissing of such sportsmen like Marion Jones and Tim Montgomery.  By the way, modern scientists even today argue about the outstanding achievements of the sportsmen of the previous century since modern ones can’t even dream about such results without even dreaming to overmatching them. They think that these ones were achieved under the influence of doping. How the sportsmen of the previous century managed to outsmart the tests? First of all, the tests able to detect such stimulators in the blood were on the insufficient level and thus, it was almost impossible to find anything like. Thus, it is impossible to deny that such boosters existed and take place today. However, these ones can result in irreversible damage to the body of the one who uses it.

Now let’s shift our attention to the professional traumas and injuries of professional sportsmen according to the type of sport they chose. At least, you need to know what to expect to be able to protect yourself or your child from such an outcome. In general, diseases and injuries are unique for each kind of sport. Usually, it is connected with the musculoskeletal system including joints, cartilages etc.

The swimmers suffer from the diseases connected with nose and ears. Due to the constant swimming under water, they are subjected to inflammation of ears, infection of anterior naris, and fungoid diseases. We can also add to this list such diseases as sinus infection, noises in the ears, and hearing disorder.

Professional injuries of the football players are not connected only with legs since most people are convinced that it is true. However, in general arm and head traumas let alone visceral organs are also common for football players. First of all, it is inflammation of muscles, joints, and cartilages, problems connected with blood-vessels, traumatic myositis etc. Additionally, football players can fall prey to Parkinson and Alzheimer diseases. They are constantly at risk both during the training and football matches due to the heavy loads and common problems like fallings, collisions etc. let along horrible traumas during the matches like broken legs or arms etc.

The tennis players have hand and arm traumas as common ones. These are damage to the elbows as the results of constant loads, bruises and calluses on the fingers and hands etc. Among more serious injuries are rapture and stretching of joints, dislocation of the shoulders, damaging of the intervertebral discs and hernias. Besides these ones, tennis players are subjected to almost all the common problems of professional sportsmen listed in the previous parts.

The box is one of the most spectaculars kinds of sport but probably the most high-injury sport. The punches boxers get on the ring are unlikely to be taken without further consequences. The boxers are proven to get amnesia as the result of a heavy punch let alone hearing problems, dizziness, vestibular system disturbance and so forth. Frequent head traumas, nose fracture, hematomas leave no choice for the sportsman to be healthy in the future.

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