Sex During Pregnancy – Is sex safe during pregnancy?

It is needless to say, that pregnancy is one of the most vivid and nice moments in the life of every woman. However, with pregnancy also comes a plethora of questions. Most of these questions border around the safety of both mother and unborn child. The issue of flying, driving, diet, lifestyle and even Sex. These and many more questions pop up in her head like an advertisement window visiting a website.

It is always advisable to seek expert advice when tackling the issue of sex during pregnancy, hence this article is born out of thorough research on the subject matter. As science is a very dynamic field, changing with new and updated information, this article will be updated regularly to ensure that it’s content stays up to date.

When To Stop Sex During Pregnancy

As for sex, some strict medical conditions can prevent from having it only. In case there is a chance of threatened miscarriage or premature birth, if there was a chance for threatened miscarriage during the previous pregnancy or in case there was some infection found in the analyses. A doctor may prescribe a temporary restraint from sex. If there are no problems and pregnancy is normal, it is okay to have sex during pregnancy then. Moreover, sex is very important for a pregnant woman just as well. It helps spouses to feel something new, makes it to where a couple gets closer emotionally, is beneficial to the nervous system of a woman, which is very important for a normal development of a child. Be careful though, certain sex positions can be dangerous pregnancy and it is more advisable to choose safe positions or alternative forms of intimacy.

Physical exercises

No one expects you to take part in Olympic games at this time, which is why there is no need to spend hours in the gym but some physical activity is important at couch-potato lifestyle pregnant women normally have. There are many options. Yoga, fitness, gymnastics for pregnant women or aqua aerobics, walking on foot on the fresh air help to make the lungs work better, to keep muscles in shape, prevent hemorrhoids and varicosity< help to deal with blood shunting in the area of the small pelvis. Nordic walking with tracking or ski sticks, which is popular lately is very useful for a future mother and her child (-ren).

Food & Diet

Speaking of food, they say that redfish and meat is a bad practice but it is not true. Proteins, fatty acids omega-3 and folic acid such food contains are necessary for pregnant women! Moreover, consuming meat is a great prevention of iron deficiency anemia happening oftentimes during pregnancy.

Far from every tea is useful. Mint, ginger, white tea and hedge rose extract are useful for drinking. Mint calms down, while ginger has bacteria-killing properties and simply irreplaceable in cold weather when it is so easy to catch a cold, hedge rose extract has vitamins with C, B, PP and white tea contains no caffeine, regulates pressure, makes vessels more elastic and adamantine substance of tooth stronger, which is very much on the front burner while carrying a baby.

Flying & Driving During Pregnancy

There is an opinion that air traveling is not good for pregnant women. Indeed, to travel by aircraft is not a good idea for women being in the last months of pregnancy. Rapid climate change is rather harmful to a baby. As for visiting exotic places, one should remember that before going to Asian, African or Latino-American countries vaccination is required to do entering a country. Besides, it is unknown how a body will react to high temperatures and other climate changes.

Of course, there are plenty of limitations for a pregnant woman and driving a car is not an exception. In order to feel oneself comfortable, to follow a few main rules is going to be enough. Make it so there was a bigger distance between your stomach and the hand wheel by putting a driver`s chair back but remember it should not make visibility worse. If there is the pain in the back, massage cushions work well. A usual pillow is good too. Follow the road traffic regulations. Avoid panic braking. Do not put neutral on. Be ready for full-lock skidding and do not forget to put snow tires on. Have your mobile phone always with you so in case of a car cracking, you could make an emergency call. Have some rest. Even driving. Go out a car and have a walk, stretch, do everything to relax and relieve. Some juice, mineral water or a fruit should always be there for you too. It will help in case of a traffic jam and relieve the stress. Be ready for unexpected things. Have your passport, medical insurance policy and prenatal record with you wherever you go. Put a sheet of paper with your close one’s contact information into the documents. You might not be accepted into the closest maternity department without these documents on. If to speak about a safety belt, it will do no harm to a baby. Let one part of the best be under breast while the other underneath stomach. A safety belt should be regulated beforehand in accordance with the peculiarities of a future mom`s figure. There are special safety belts for future mothers so if a financial situation allows, future parents or existing ones can always get one and fixations to make it more comfortable.  It might take quite some time as long as this kind of a safety belt is differed due to having not 3 but 4 points of attachment and is way more elastic. It makes it to where a pregnant woman does not feel uncomfortable and is protected from possible kicks. There are also such myths about pregnancy as cutting and dying hair. Nothing will happen if to cut ends or do a haircut let alone if to dye hair with semi-color hair dye. Some people say that it is better not to tell about the pregnancy until it can be seen. It is nonsense. It is your business so feel free to tell it whenever you feel like it. Also, there is a myth that if a pregnant woman raises her hands up, a navel-string will untie. It is based on our ancestors` lack of knowledge only.

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